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Sticker University

Would you love to learn how to make your own stickers? This course is perfect for beginners or pros. Sign up for my waiting list and you will be one of the first people to know when my Sticker course goes LIVE!

May 30, 2022
8:00am Central Time

Course Material

If you are wanting to make your own stickers then Sticker University is the perfect course for you! While taking this course you will learn my step by step print to cut process on how I make my own stickers. But that's not all I will even share any tips and tricks that I have learned along my journey. I will also share with you my supplies, suppliers, and equipment that I use on daily basis. This also includes how I make my foiled stickers! If you try to find the resources for the foil you will not get them by asking around trust me I know. I had to do my research in order to find this information.


If you sign up for Sticker University this will get you well on your way to creating some amazing stickers whether you wanted to just make your own stickers for home, you wanted to make stickers for grading papers, or you are starting your small business. All my tips, tricks, and list of supplies/suppliers will save you a lot of time on research and get you on your way faster!

Megan Brown

I am a busy mom & small business owner of TWO businesses with four kids who all have different schedules. I understand what it means to want your products to stand out and not look like someone else's.

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