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Coop Crew

Coop Crew is a digital membership service that has an ever growing exclusive file and freebie vault. Once you join your price is locked in and it will never change for you! In the video below you will see just what Coop Crew is all about!

April 1, 2022
8:00am Central Time

Catch it before it closes

Coop Crew is a twice a year subscription. If you don't sign up during those two openings you will have to wait another year in order to join. As I said before once you join the price you paid is locked in and will never change. While being a member at Coop Crew you have access to both the following never ending vaults: Exclusive Files & FREEBIE vault.

Each month you will receive 5 new exclusive files as well as 2 new freebies, access to our freebie vault, membership to our Coop Crew Private group, and a lifetime membership discount of 17% off our site on all digital products. If you are looking for more exclusive files that differ from what other creators are using you are in the right place. Using my membership and my files will help your physical products stand out and be unique.

Future Files

As Coop Crew grows and evolves so will the files contained. As a member of Coop Crew you will also get the opportunity each month to vote on what you would like to see in the following months to come! You will also have access to Live Q+A's, and so much more!

Megan Brown

I am a busy mom & small business owner of TWO businesses with four kids who all have different schedules. I understand what it means to want your products to stand out and not look like someone else's.

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