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Procreate Academy

On the fence about signing up for Procreate Academy waitlist? Check out my short video below to get an idea of what I plan on teaching in my course.

April 1, 2022
8:00am Central Time

What's to come

Once you are signed up on our waitlist you will receive notifications about sneak peeks and when the next launch will be released. Be sure to check out our Coop Crew membership as well as our other Sticker University where you can use your new Procreate knowledge towards making your own stickers!!

Never Ending Benefits.

As a student with Procreate Academy you will learn all the tips and tricks to using the tools more efficiently. It will also shortcut the process of learning each tool instead of having to research in search engines. This will in return save you so much more time to do more things that you'd rather be doing. Procreate is also an ever growing program where the program is constantly changing and you will need more assistance as the program evolves. Good news for you once you are locked in with this course you don't have to pay more as the course grows and becomes more in depth!

Megan Brown

I am a busy mom and small business owner that knows how precious your time is when it comes to learning a new program.

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